The program is there to help lower income individuals (<$30k) and families (<$50k) file their income taxes. This free service is officially supported by the CRA – Canada Revenue Agency. It is run during the income tax season by volunteers from the Nepean Seventh-day Adventist church and from the Barrhaven community. If you are eligible for this service and you would like for us to assist you with filing your income tax, sign up for our newsletter and we will inform you about upcoming programs and events such as this.

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FAQ - Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)

CVITP is a program that provides assistance to Canadians who need help filing their income tax and benefit returns. The free tax clinics are operated by the People Matter Project ministry from the Nepean Seventh-day Adventist church and volunteers with support from the CRA.

The clinic operates during the tax filing season which usually runs from the last week of February to April 30th. Visit the Nepean Seventh-day Adventist Church website for the clinic hours of operation.

You are eligible for this free service if you meet any of the following conditions: 

  • -You are an individual and have income of $30,000 or less from employment, pension, benefit or support payments, RRSP, scholarships or grants;
  • -The combined income per household (two or more individuals) is $50,000 or less;

-You have interest income of less than $1,000.

Please visit the Nepean Seventh-day Adventist Church website  to make an appointment during the filing season or call 613-843-8017.

No, the tax clinic is a free service to the community.

If you are interested in volunteering please visit the CVTIP page on the CRA website for more information and then contact us at

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